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Working with National Parks

The primary purpose of Foundation Five is the safeguarding of all creatures great and small, especially but not exclusively ‘the Big Five’ in Africa. Activities in each National Park will depend upon the local needs of that National Park and its associated communities. Activities include the prevention of poaching and cruelty to animals, conservation of associated ecosystems and sustainable forest management.


Park Development

Key objectives within the National Parks are to:

  • Protect wildlife assets

  • Develop wildlife tourism

  • Improve legislation and enforcement

  • Strengthen management

  • Generate public interest

  • Carbon neutral and carbon offsets


National Park Management

  • Ranger training and equipment

  • Park Control and Coordination Centres

  • Snare clearance

  • Transportation & logistics

  • Roads and infrastructure improvements

  • Vetinary support and associated capture teams

  • Renewable energy and waste management

Elephant in snare.jpeg

Safe Havens

  • Removal of snares and traps

  • Improve Vetinary support

  • Wildlife community deconfliction programs and human wildlife conflicts.

  • Community response to wildlife incidents. Problem Animal Control

  • Anti poaching patrols

  • Aerial reconnaissance and support

  • Water and grazing / food for wildlife

  • Carbon credit schemes

  • Baseline survey and ongoing measurement.

  • Community awareness programs

  • Gap analysis - essentials of life (Water, Food, Shelter, Health, Livelihoods access to firewood)

  • Legacy issues including community access to the Park (hunting, firewood)

  • Wildlife conflicts and legacy issues. Death and injury. Loss of livestock and disease, damage to crops. Water and grazing for livestock. 

  • Identify community needs, priorities and benefits. 

  • Relocation and compensation programs

  • Transparent park revenue sharing schemes

Chizarira Lodge.jpg


  • Generation of tourist revenues for further conservation and development 

  • Development and improvement of facilities to provide a high quality visitor experience and enable an increase in visitor numbers and spend

  • Development of the National Park Brand with international marketing

  • Creation of material to raise the media profile and promote the Park. 

Wildlife: Programs
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