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Healthcare in Remote Areas

We are working with a European Healthcare Solutions Provider to resource health equipment, including tented hospitals, diagnostic tests, vaccinations and medicines to support communities within and adjacent to our areas of interest and further afield where appropriate.

KN95 Facemarks
Ruag Field Hospital.jpeg

Facemarks KN95

Personal and profesional protection

Medical grade facemarks. CE certified.

Tented Isolation Hospitals

Isolation and care

Modular design, mobile isolation hospitals. Capacity 500 - 5000+ patients. Requires civil engineering to prepare suitable flat, level hard standing for the tents to stand on. Includes structure only. 


Anti Pandemic Safety Gates

Indoor and Outdoor

Intelligent Anti-epidemic Machines suitable for public health prevention and monitoring. It uses disinfectant spray to sterilize the human body, pet, cargo, and luggage. Meanwhile, it performs the non-contact detection which can intuitively and accurately determine the abnormal body temperature.
Non-contact and automatic control design effectively avoid cross-infection. It reduces the workload of security personnel and greatly reduces the exposure risk to personnel of high-frequency contact.

Health: Programs
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