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Creating additional value from Africa's Natural Resources

F5 creates funds through the sale and purchase of commodities. We work with Governments and commercial organisations to seek allocations of, or contracts for, commodities. Transactions are managed by a UK based professional commodities trading company. The commission that we earn on each transaction generates the funding we then use to finance initiatives to protect wildlife and associated community development. 
Donations are of course welcomed as they enable us to do even more.

Oil Tanker.jpeg

Crude Oil

Some have a lower sulphur content  which is known as 'sweet crude' (below 0.5%) and the higher sulphur contents are known as 'sour crudes' (above 0.5%). 

Lower density crude (>31.1API) is referred to as 'light crude' and a higher density crude (<22.3API) is referred to as 'heavy crude'.

BP Gas stn.jpeg


The Gas Oil products that we transact in are sourced and supplied from either the Middle East or the Americas. We trade the following products;

  • Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel 10ppm 

  • Gasoline RON 91

  • Gasoline RON 95

  • Gasoline RON 98


Fuel Oil

Fuel Oil is used to power large seagoing vessels (Bunker Fuel) and used as a fuel supply for heating. The majority of Fuel Oil however is used by refineries as feedstock for further refined products.

  • CST 180/380

  • HFO No.6

  • Kerosene

Aircraft refuelling.jpeg

Aviation Kerosene

Aviation Kerosene

Jet Fuel for use in Gas Turbine Engines comes in many formats and freezing point is a high consideration.

  • Jet A ASTM D1655 

  • Jet A1 ASTM D1655

  • Jet A1 DEF STAN 91-91

  • Jet A1 GOST R 52050-2006


Precious Metals

Gold dore.


Base Metals

  • Copper 

  • Lead 

  • Nickel 

  • Tin

  • Aluminum

  • Zinc

Rough diamonds.jpeg

Precious Stones

We seek parcels of rough diamonds for sale into markets in Europe and the Middle East. Broad specification as follows: 
Colour:             D-H
Clarity:             VVS1 to VS2
Carat:              Upwards of 3 carat

Wheat flour.jpeg


Wheat and Wheat Flour

ICUMSA 45.jpeg



  • 12,500mt shipments. Containers also available.

  • ICUMSA 45

  • ICUMSA 150

Cocoa TBC

Soybeans GMO No2.jpeg

Soya Beans

Soya Beans GMO and Non GMO

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