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The journey continues....... project update

The resources required for 'delivery' are now in place. Specialist companies have agreed to provide the essential support to:

  1. Manage the sale and purchase of commodities. Brokerage fees will provide the finance.

  2. Develop and deliver community based solutions. To conduct the initial (baseline) community social and livelihood surveys of communities located within and adjacent to National Parks, Nature Reserves and Wildlife Corridors. To identify and deliver community needs. Defining projects, setting objectives and measuring performance.

  3. To manage the National Parks, Nature / Game Reserves and project areas allocated.

Other companies have also agreed to support the scheme and deliver projects such as affordable housing and renewable energy.

Engagement with the UK Government has now commenced. This is a key step to explore opportunities and to:

  • Better align the scheme with the direction of travel for foreign aid following the merger of DFID with the FCO,

  • Maximise opportunity for future collaboration, take advantage of any grants; and,

  • Seek introductions to African governments.

Its been a long journey and there is finally a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel! It will good to engage industry, identify and commence the first Pilot project. The situation on the ground is truly desperate.

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