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Introducing Foundation Five

Commodities and Communities Protecting Wildlife

Unless the unprecedented and well-documented wildlife crime wave sweeping the African continent can be reversed, some of the ‘Big Five’ could be extinct by 2030. The perpetrators are causing the death of innocent civilians and denying low-income countries the economic benefits of wildlife-tourism. 

Communities must value wildlife for conservation to be sustainable. Long standing ambivalence within these Communities is even more difficult to change when they are impoverished and there is a daily struggle for the essentials of life such as fresh water, food and health. This fight for life is further compounded by the challenges of climate change and competition with wildlife for livelihoods.

There is a crucial window of opportunity to halt the present decimation of wildlife and reduce dependency on aid. Your support represents a historic opportunity to facilitate change. 

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Our Values

Foundation Five (F5) is an independent Foundation seeded by donations and generating finance from the sale and purchase of commodities. Funds generated through commodity transactions with participating countries are reinvested in rural communities around National Wildlife Parks and along wildlife migration routes to provide the essentials of life and enhance wildlife protection. By working philanthropically, inclusively and collaboratively we can realise additional value from Africa's Natural Resources delivering strategic commodity requirements and overcoming challenges more efficiently. Our strengths lie in sustainability, integrity, respect, simplicity, performance and professionalism.

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Working with governments, national and international organisations to realise additional value in Africa's Natural Resources.  Reinvesting proceeds of the sale and purchase of strategic commodities in diverse bespoke projects designed collaboratively with National Parks and local Communities to protect wildlife. Generating a sustainable independent revenue stream reducing Africa's dependency on the 'donor dollar'. A new independent sustainable solution developing resilient Communities, protecting wildlife and associated eco systems


National Park Security


Bespoke Projects

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Environment Pollution

“Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do”


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